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Make a difference to the lives of the 1.5 million in the UK who suffer from endometriosis - volunteer for Endometriosis UK.

Upcoming Volunteer Induction Training Days

Saturday 17th June - Birmingham
Saturday 4th November 2023 - Edinburgh
Saturday 24th February 2024 -  London

We are pleased to announce upcoming dates for our volunteer induction training days. Please visit the links below to find out more about our available roles and apply to become an Endometriosis UK Volunteer.


Our volunteers are at the core of our organisation. They make up our Support Network, which allows us to reach and make a difference to those struggling with the effect that endometriosis has on their lives. Without our Support Network volunteers, we would be unable to reach the thousands who rely on us for support and information.

Please note that for these roles, we only accept applications from those with suspected or diagnosed endometriosis. if you aren't sure if you qualify please get in touch by emailing

We encourage interest and applications from those who identify as LGBTQIA+, as a person of colour, experiencing childlessness by choice and not by choice. We want to increase representation of these communities amongst our volunteer and service users.

Volunteering at our office in London

If you have specific skills that you think would benefit the organisation, please contact with a short description of your skills and how you would like to get involved. 

Volunteer Resources

Find all Endometriosis UK volunteer policies here.