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About Us

Endometriosis impacts on the physical and mental health of 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth in the UK. That’s over 1.5 million who desperately need support and information to help them understand this chronic condition.

We are the UK’s leading charity for all those affected by endometriosis, determined to ensure that everyone gets prompt diagnosis and the best treatment and support.

We work to break down barriers to access - whether information, treatment or support - wherever endometriosis impacts on lives. We are a powerful voice for those with endometriosis, driving up care standards across the UK.

We lead collaboratively across our community, acting to inform, empower and advocate for all those affected by the disease. The endometriosis community is at the heart of all we do, and we strive to support and represent all experiences.

We fight to make change happen for everyone with endometriosis, to end chronic menstrual related pain being brushed off as normal and raise awareness of endometriosis with the wider public.

We're here to provide vital support services, reliable information and a community for those affected by endometriosis.

We receive minimal funding for the work we do. Donate today to help support the work we do.

Our mission:

We believe in a world where endometriosis is recognised and understood, and where the disease does not limit people’s lives.

We believe that everyone with endometriosis in the UK has the right to appropriate, high quality treatment regardless of background, identity, location or circumstance.

We believe everyone currently living with endometriosis should have the best care as a result of new developments in treatment, and that proactive research is vital to finding the cause and, one day, a cure for the disease.

Our goals:

To achieve our mission, our 2021-2025 strategy will focus on our core goals:

Diagnosis time

  • Reduce average diagnosis time to under 4 years by 2025, under 1 year by 2030

Access to treatment

  • Everyone in the UK with endometriosis to have access to high quality treatment


  • Everyone with endometriosis will have the support they need to reach their potential in their education, career and life
  • Endometriosis UK will deliver the accessible support the endometriosis community needs, through our support network, activities and website

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