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About Us

Endometriosis can devastate the lives of not only those with the disease but also their families. We help them take back control.

One in ten women and those assigned female at birth are living with endometriosis. That’s over 1.5 million who desperately need support and information to help them understand this chronic condition.

We're here to provide vital support services, reliable information and a community for those affected by endometriosis.

We're a very small organisation, striving for big results.

We receive minimal funding for the work we do. Donate today to help support the work we do.

Our mission:

  • To help individuals overcome the impact endometriosis can have on their lives
  • For everyone to have the right to fast, appropriate care, support and treatment
  • For all of society to fully understand endometriosis and its impact and to be aware of the work of Endometriosis UK

Our goals:

To achieve our mission, our 2021-2025 strategy will focus on our core goals:

Diagnosis time

  • Reduce average diagnosis time to under 4 years by 2025, under 1 year by 2030

Access to treatment

  • Everyone in the UK with endometriosis to have access to high quality treatment


  • Everyone with endometriosis will have the support they need to reach their potential in their education, career and life
  • Endometriosis UK will deliver the accessible support the endometriosis community needs, through our support network, activities and website

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