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Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

Endometriosis UK is committed to supporting and advocating for everyone affected by endometriosis regardless of race, gender, sex, gender identity, class, sexual orientation or disability and ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion is at the heart of every aspect of our organisation.

Everyone affected by endometriosis needs to be acknowledged, and we know that we must do more to identify the needs of all those affected by endometriosis, develop, maintain and evaluate our work to meet those needs and advocate for necessary change and ensure all voices are heard.

We are taking steps to actively ensure we drive change for those from under-represented groups and the Board have established a Diversity & Inclusion Group to ensure we take this work forward. Our first priority is ensuring that we understand the needs of all people affected by endometriosis including those from under-represented groups, which will inform our priorities.

We look forward to driving this work forward and working with you to ensure that everyone affected by endometriosis has access to the support they need.

Liz Campbell – Chair, Endometriosis UK
February 2021


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2023 - 2026.

This three-year strategy outlines how we will ensure diversity, equity and inclusion (EDI) is at the centre of all of our work and supports our ongoing mission for everyone to have access to the appropriate care, support and treatment at the right time.