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Our Support Network is here to offer those affected by endometriosis the support and information they need to understand the condition and take control.

Being diagnosed with endometriosis can be a daunting experience, but you don’t have to face it alone. You can call our helpline, join a local support group or join our online community.

Last year our Support Network reached 50,000 women and those assigned female at birth who have endometriosis. Find out how our Support Network can help you.

Support groups

Our support groups offer valuable support and information. Find out more about our local and online support groups.


Our helpline team is here to provide the support you need. Find out more about our opening hours.

Online community

Join our online community and connect with others who have endometriosis.

Web Chat

Our new web chat service is now available. Our trained volunteers will be there to provide emotional support. Find out our opening hours here

The Samaritans offer 24 hour emotional support - in full confidence. If you're in distress and need someone to talk to, you can call 116 123.

Looking for medical advice?

Please be aware that our support services are unable to provide medical advice and can only connect individuals with volunteers who can only talk about endometriosis based on their own experience. If you need medical advice, please contact your GP or endometriosis specialist.

‘To finally be able to talk openly and honestly about how I felt to others who know exactly what I’m going through has seen me through many dark times’ – A helpline caller

Don’t suffer in silence

If you need support Endometriosis UK is here for you.

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