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Surgery for Endometriosis

Curious about what to expect from endometriosis surgery?

Following consultation with the endometriosis community, we’re pleased to launch our new video that answers questions about surgery and what to expect.  

In this video, speakers discuss how to prepare, what happens during, what to expect in recovery and more. We also cover information on robotic-assisted surgery. Robotic-assisted surgery is becoming more common, though it is not available or suitable for everyone.

Thank you to our speakers for taking part in the recording of this video:

Emma Cox, CEO at Endometriosis UK

Dr Manou Manpreet Kaur, Consultant Gynaecologist

Claudia Tye, Gynaecology and Endometriosis Clinical Nurse Specialist

Elaine Remy, Support Group Leader for Cumbria

Lexi Clayton, Support Group Leader for Staffordshire

Intuitive contributed a grant towards the production costs of this video.

For further information on surgery for endometriosis, please download or view the resources linked below.

Surgery for endometriosis information
This factsheet is for anyone who has been offered laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis or suspected endometriosis. It explains how this surgery is used to diagnose and treat endometriosis, as well providing information on the different surgical techniques you may be offered.

Suspected endometriosis with no diagnosis after surgery
Following surgery, you may be told that no endometriosis or cause of your symptoms was found during surgery. If this has happens, you may feel disappointed and concerned about your next steps. This leaflet offers information on your options and signposts to help and support.

Surgery for Endometriosis Q&A Webinar