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Our commitment to fundraising transparency

Endometriosis UK is the UK’s leading charity for all those affected by endometriosis, determined to ensure that everyone gets prompt diagnosis and the best treatment and support.  We fight to make change happen for everyone with endometriosis, to end chronic menstrual related pain being brushed off as normal and raise awareness of endometriosis with the wider public. We have an ambitious strategy, and as a charity rely on funding to fulfil our aims and objectives.

The work we do would be impossible without our brilliant volunteers, and the generosity of those who support our work, by fundraising, donating and being part of our membership, and we are committed to being accountable to you in how we are funded and spend your donations. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in fundraising, and being transparent in our funding and use of funds. Our Annual Report, published yearly on our website, outlines what money has been received by the charity and how donations are spent. You can view our latest annual report, along with previous reports here.

Last year, over three quarters of our charity’s income came from donations from individuals, membership fees and people choosing to fundraise for us. We also receive a smaller proportion of grants, donations and sponsorship from other bodies including statutory bodies, grant-giving organisations and companies. While funds are vital in helping us further our work and achieve our aims and objectives for the endometriosis community, we have a firm policy that organisations providing funding do not have any involvement in or influence over our work. We decide on projects and areas of work we want to undertake and seek to raise money to deliver these; our work, projects and outputs are not influenced by funders.

We follow charity regulations, codes, policies and best practice to ensure we are accountable and transparent. We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and are committed to abiding by the Fundraising Code of Practice. When we work with external funders, we only work with those that commit to following all relevant guidance and legislation, such as the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry Code of Practice. We always act with integrity in receiving donations.

View our FAQs for more information here