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Meet the team

Our small staff team is made up of dedicated staff, working with and complementing our UK wide volunteer network.

Emma Cox


Emma joined Endometriosis UK as Chief Executive in February 2016, and has overseen a sustained period of growth and development for the organisation, including awareness raising, new campaigns, and building key relationships with healthcare practitioners, researchers and policy influencers. A highlight has been Endometriosis UK’s successful campaign to get Menstrual Wellbeing included in the school curriculum for the England from 2020, a campaign still ongoing for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Emma’s background is as strategic change management specialist with over 20 years’  experience gained working in volunteering, membership organisations including Diabetes UK, NUS and the Chartered Quality Institute. Emma has an MSc in Organisational Behaviour and an MBA.



GINISHA VEKARIA, Workplace Menstrual Wellbeing Programme Manager

Ginisha has over 7 years of experience leading and managing projects that positively impact, support, and empower communities and vulnerable groups.

She has a passion to drive change and empower those suffering from endometriosis. Ginisha is keen to make a difference and raise awareness around the difficulties women face with endometriosis.

HEIDI YULE, hEAD OF Development

Heidi joined the Endometriosis UK team in June 2016 and has experience working in the creative and business sectors.

Heidi also has an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy from Goldsmiths University. Heidi’s passion for equality issues attracted her to working for endometriosis UK.