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Welcome new volunteers!

On Saturday 24th February, we were thrilled to welcome new volunteers to our support network at our recent training day in London.

We'd like to say a huge thank you and wish a very warm welcome to those joining our growing network of support volunteers. Here's what they had to say about the day...

"It was great being in a room knowing everyone had the shared experience of having endometriosis. I felt I understood more about the charity and its aims. I have a clearer idea about what volunteering roles and what comes next."

"It was great meeting other people that understand what living with the disease is like and how inspiring it is coming up with ideas and raising awareness"

"It was a really wonderful, welcoming and well-organised day. I feel so pleased to be involved and grateful to know there are such supportive staff available to help support me in my role going forward"

"I really appreciated that everyone was given space to introduce themselves as it is so rare to be in a space like that full of 'endo babes'! I also was so grateful for all the printouts alongside the exercises and slideshow - gave me a lot to digest over the weekend after such a fantastic day"

"It was great hearing about the experience of others in accessing care and information. Seems to differ across the UK. Learning about the importance of boundaries and how to manage time without burning out. Learning about other opportunities besides setting up Facebook groups which is where I am interested in volunteering most"

"Overall was just such an amazing experience to be in a room full of women who fully understood each other journeys and had the utmost respect for one another"

If you’re thinking of volunteering, we’d love to hear from you. By joining our growing network of support volunteers, you will make a huge difference to those with endometriosis by helping us to reach the thousands that rely on us for support and information.⁠

We have a range of support network volunteer opportunities, many of which can be done completely from home. These include Web Chat, Helpline, Forum Moderator and Facebook Moderator roles as well as our Support Group roles, which combine in person and online volunteering.

Support Network volunteers offer 2-3 hours of their own time each week to provide support and information, they help to connect people and raise awareness of endometriosis. In return volunteers can expect to receive good quality induction training and can access to ongoing training and support. Volunteers can claim expenses they incur whilst volunteering for Endometriosis UK and can request a reference if they have been volunteering for 6 months or more.

Our support network volunteers all have lived experience of endometriosis. Please note that for these roles, we only accept applications from those with suspected or diagnosed endometriosis. Find out more here.⁠

Volunteer Training Day