What is endometriosis? An expert answers your questions

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you blogposts from a range of different medical professionals and women with endometriosis to help bring you tips and advice during what we know is an incredibly challenging time.  

Update on Coronavirus and our support services

Following on from the government’s announcement regarding the updated Coronavirus mitigation strategy, we have cancelled all face to face support group meetings whilst these social distancing recommendations are in place.

We recognise that during times such as these, people living with long term health conditions may require more support. For this reason, we are investigating ways our local groups can use digital support tools in order to reach their groups and will have more information on this over the coming week.

Endometriosis Awareness Month: Olivia's story

To mark Endometriosis Awareness Month, Olivia shares her story of being diagnosed with endometriosis and what the condition has taught her. 

When were you diagnosed with endometriosis?

Endometriosis Awareness Month launches to tackle the fact 54% don’t know about endometriosis

Endometriosis Awareness Month launches to tackle the fact 54% don’t know about endometriosis


MPs launch inquiry to investigate challenges faced by 1.5 million with endometriosis

Everyone with endometriosis is urged to respond to a call for evidence after MPs have today launched an inquiry into endometriosis. The inquiry will see patients and healthcare practitioners share their first-hand experiences and advise the Government on what steps need to be taken to ensure people with endometriosis are getting the right care at the right time.

Georgia's 12 Runs in 12 Months for Endometriosis UK

Do you have a new goal for 2020? Georgia Hampton-Murray, 20, from Brentwood is taking on a huge challenge for Endometriosis UK this year and plans to run 12 competitive races to represent 12 years of suffering from the symptoms of endometriosis. Read our interview with Georgia below to find out what inspired her to take on such a huge challenge.

Diagnosed with endometriosis? Fill out our survey today

Don’t leave Scotland behind - teach menstrual wellbeing in schools

"My name’s Shaunee, I’m 23, and I have endometriosis. From a young age, I normalised the chronic pain I was enduring because I wasn’t taught any different. I was led to believe that painful periods were just a normal part of growing up and being a woman". 


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