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Volunteers' Week - Meet Amanda, Trustee (Treasurer)

How long have you been a trustee with Endometriosis UK?

I started volunteering in June 2014 when I became a trustee of the charity. A couple of years later I took on the role as treasurer, which was a planned succession.

What were your motivations for joining the board of trustees?

Endometriosis surgeons take on gruelling 450 mile 4 day cycle ride to raise awareness of this challenging disease

16 endometriosis specialists cycle London to Edinburgh - 5thto 8thMay 2018

On the 5th May, a group BSGE surgeons and endometriosis specialists cycled 450 miles in four days to raise money for Endometriosis UK.

Results from new study offer hope for women with endometriosis

A landmark study published in BMJ Open, has shown that keyhole surgery carried out in specialist centres can ease the pain of endometriosis and improve the quality of life for women living with the disease.

The ground-breaking study included nearly 5000 women, who had laparoscopic surgery to excise deep endometriosis, and followed their progress for two years.


Less pain and better quality of life

Help improve speed of diagnosis for endometriosis - please complete this survey

The Welsh Government want to see the length of time to diagnosis decrease - currently it takes a shocking 7.5 years on average to get a diagnosis of endometriosis in the UK. It’s a great ambition, please fill in this survey to help them. 

Stop treating periods like a dirty secret; teach menstrual wellbeing in schools

Alice Smith, Trustee and Young Ambassador for Endometriosis UK is passionate about getting Menstrual Wellbeing taught in schools.


“I'm 22, and for over 5 years, my periods ruined my life. I missed school regularly and suffered debilitating pain. Appointment after appointment, I was told this was completely normal. It was only later that I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis. So far, I’ve been hospitalised, had one surgery and I’m waiting for another.

NICE call for improved diagnosis and management of endometriosis

New NICE guidelines to improve diagnosis and management of endometriosis highlight the current unacceptable delays – a shocking 7.5 years on average. These delays can result in prolonged pain and make future treatment more difficult. The new guidelines pave the way for improved support and treatment for women with endometriosis.


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