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Your top tips on self-isolation

Your top tips on self-isolation

As we head into another week of self-isolation, here are our supporters top tips on how to look after yourself.

"Look after your well-being & reach out to others"

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself – these are unprecedented times for us all
  • It’s okay to feel frustrated at the situation, but reach out if you need help
  • Connect to others with endometriosis, such as through Endometriosis UK’s Health Unlocked forum
  • Call the Endometriosis UK helpline if you need support
  • Reach out to family and friends and be honest about how you feel
  • Catch up with your colleagues regularly if you need a chat

"Empower yourself with knowledge"

  • ​Take advice from the experts and try not to listen to hearsay
  • Use the opportunity to learn more about endometriosis. Endometriosis UK has a number of resources and reliable information

​"Set yourself a new routine"

  • Stick to a routine, if you can. If you have days when you can't stick to it, don't beat yourself up about it.
  • Set yourself achievable goals 
  • Eat regular meals and drink plenty of water. 
  • Wear what makes you comfortable
  • Try yoga or another form of exercise you can do indoors if you feel up to it
  • Open a window and let some light in
  • Set an alarm to remember to take your medication – having a different routine can make you forget

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