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Calendar Girls

12 women share their experiences to raise awareness and help others


Calendar Girls

Film from the BBC News website.

Filmed by Lucy Green and Charlotte Pritchard

Edited by Charlotte Pritchard

Produced by Natalie Truswell


Raising Awareness

Meet our Awareness Representatives 

Our Awareness Representatives play a key role in helping us raise awareness and drive change for the 1.5million living with endometriosis in the UK.

Melissa's story

Melissa was diagnosed with endometriosis when she was 18

Melissa experienced endometriosis symptoms from a very young age. Read more about her experience and her tips for getting diagnosed with endometriosis.

"My advice to young girls going through what I went through is simple – Don’t give up!"

Kim's story

Kim ran the british 10k for Endometriosis UK

Kim ran the British 10K for Endometriosis UK a few months after having a laparoscopy. Find out more about her experience of endometriosis, how exercise helps her manage the condition and how it felt to fundraise for Endometriosis UK.


Women share their experience of having endometriosis surgery. 

Hayley's story

Find out how Hayley has coped with having multiple surgeries to treat her endometriosis.
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Lauren's story

Lauren shares her endometriosis story

Lauren was diagnosed with endometriosis after a cyst ruptured in her ovaries. Find out how Lauren managed her recovery following a second surgery to treat her endometriosis.

“My first surgery taught me that I had to be very patient with my recovery and very patient with myself in general.”

Sarah's story

Sarah was diagnosed with moderate endometriosis in 2009, three months before her wedding day after suffering with endometriosis symptoms for one year.

“Nobody should be frightened to be assertive and appropriately persistent about their health concerns.”

Alison & Natalie's story

Alison ran the London Marathon for Endometriosis UK to show support for her sister Natalie, who has endometriosis, and for all endometriosis sufferers.

"What kept me going the most was thinking of Natalie, her pain (both physical and emotional) – caused by endometriosis – is far greater than any pain that the marathon course could throw at me." 

Elizabeth's story

After experiencing multiple miscarriages and suffering with severe endometriosis, Elizabeth made the brave decision to have a hysterectomy.

"I haven't given up on the dream of being a Mum, but somehow I have found peace and acceptance for the person I am and the couple we are." 


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