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Endometriosis Action Month 2024

Could it be Endometriosis?

Endometriosis impacts 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth in the UK, yet so many are still unaware of the condition and its impact.⁠

Getting a diagnosis for endometriosis now takes almost a year longer than before the pandemic, according to new research published in our new diagnosis report for 2024.

For Endometriosis Action Month this year, we’re focusing on raising vital awareness of the common symptoms of endometriosis. Improving general public awareness and understanding of the condition ensures that those experiencing symptoms, their friends and family and their healthcare team know to ask ‘could it be endometriosis?’, leading to more prompt diagnosis and access to care.⁠

Read: "Dismissed, ignored and belittled" The long road to endometriosis diagnosis in the UK

Join us and help us demand change for the 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth with endometriosis in the UK.

Write to your local MP/ MSP/ MS/ MLA

Send a letter or email to your MP/ MSP/ MS/ MLA to invite them to join us in taking action for those with endometriosis in March and beyond. Our easy to use template available at the link below uses your postcode to find your local representatives so you can ask them to take action in just a few clicks.

Write to your local representative


Share your story

Do you have a story to tell? We’ve updated the way we gather stories and we’re thrilled to share our brand new ‘Share your Story’ form. Sharing your story helps us to raise your voice, raising awareness and helping others to feel less alone.
We hope that this update provides clarity and guidance on sharing your story, as well as customisable options for where you’d like to share, optional photo upload and privacy options.

Share your story


Attend a webinar or event

Throughout Action Month, we will be sharing webinars and events aimed at those with endometriosis and those looking to further their knowledge and support others. 

Coming up next:

14th March: Getting the most out of your GP appointments: Free Webinar with Dr Anne Connolly GP

27th March: Endometriosis & Fertility Q&A: Free Webinar with Dr Sujata Gupta, Consultant Gynaecologist

28th March: Virtual Panel Event for Wales in Partnership with FTWW Chaired by Huw Irranca-Davies MS

Upcoming Webinars   Wales Virutal Panel Event


Take action in the Workplace

Becoming an Endometriosis Friendly Employer is a way for employers to show their commitment to creating a supportive workplace for those with endometriosis.

Also available is our Menstrual Health at Work series, a series of webinars and in person events aimed at employers looking to create more supportive working environments for those with endometriosis and other menstrual health conditions.

Resources for employers and employees can be found at the links below.

Endometriosis Friendly Employer Scheme   Menstrual Health at Work


Share on social media

Download our social media assets to show your support for others with endometriosis, and showcase how others can do the same. 

We've included suggested social media text, Instagram story templates, a virtual sticker, downloadable flyers and more so you can raise awareness and show support your way.

Instagram - Facebook - TikTok - LinkedIn - X

Download here


Take on a 1 in 10 Challenge

Support the 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth with this fun and creative challenge. The 1in10 Challenge is a 'create your own' challenge themed around the number 10. Run 10, knit 10 hats, paint 10 canvases, the possibilities are endless! 

1in10 Challenge


Host a Go Yellow! event

Yellow is recognised worldwide as the colour for endometriosis awareness. A Go Yellow! event is perfect for schools, workplaces, groups and communities to come together this Endometriosis Action Month to wear yellow and start conversations while raising vital funds and awareness. 

Go Yellow!


Host a Tea for Endo 

Hosting your own Tea for Endo event is a great way to come together as a community to raise awareness, break down the taboos, and call for change for the 1.5 million women and those assigned female at birth living with endometriosis in the UK.

Tea for Endo


Volunteer with us

Endometriosis UK Support Network services are delivered by trained volunteers who have lived experience.  Our Support Network services enable us to reach those who rely on us for support and information and make a real difference.

Volunteer across our Support Network services and make a difference to the lives of the 1.5 million in the UK who suffer with endometriosis.

Find out more


Sign up to our newsletter

Signing up to receive our monthly e-newsletter is an easy way to stay up to date and receive information on our latest campaigns, fundraising, news and events.

Sign up


Make a donation

A donation of any amount helps us to continue our work supporting those with endometriosis and campaigning for much needed change. You donation could help to:

Donate today


Thank you for your support this Endometriosis Action Month. Don't forget to tag us on social media and use hashtag #EndometriosisActionMonth2024, we'd love to see how you get involved.

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