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Winter Walk for Endo FAQs

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What is Winter Walk for Endo?                           

Winter Walk for Endo is a fundraising challenge where you walk 10k or a distance suitable to you whilst collecting sponsorship in aid of Endometriosis UK.

Can I start the challenge at any time?

Officially Winter Walk for Endo week runs from 23rd- 29th January 2023 but if that doesn't work for you, you can pick another date this Winter. 

How do I plan my route? 

There are a number of free apps to help you map out your walks, review details such as time, distance, pace, speed, steps, and you can also share your route with others. A few free to download suggestions to get you started include Fitbit App mobile tracker (no Fitbit required), Strava or Nike Run Club.

How do I get an Endometriosis UK beanie hat?

We'll be sending everyone a cosy Endometriosis UK beanie hat once they received their first £25 in online donations. If you are collecting cash sponsorship, please email the team at to discuss getting yours. 

What if 10k is too much for me?

No problem! We want this challenge to be open to all fitness levels and we understand many participants may be suffering with endometriosis themselves. Feel free to adjust the distance to suit your personal needs. Likewise, if you want to do more that's ok too!

How do I get my Fundraising pack?

Your fundraising pack will be automatically sent you within one hour of registering. If you haven’t received it please email

Where does the money go?

We are a small charity who rely heavily on donations. Every penny you raise through Winter Walk for Endo goes towards ensuring we can continue to be there for those suffering with endometriosis who face difficult decisions around diagnosis and treatment. We support the 1in10 with endometriosis through our support service which include our volunteer led helpline, web chat, online forum and face to face support groups and through our reliable information provision as well as through our campaigning and lobbying work which calls for more research and greater awareness so that we can eventually find a cure.

To find out more about the work we are doing to ensure everyone with endometriosis gets on the right pathway to care click here