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Why do we need to Walk for Endo?

The 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth with endometriosis deserve better. Without investment in research, a reduction in diagnosis time, and appropriate NHS pathways, those with endometriosis will continue to face huge barriers in accessing the right care at the right time. This Winter, join Endometriosis UK in calling for change to ensure all those with endometriosis get on the right path to care.

Endometriosis UK regularly hears from those with endometriosis who are struggling with debilitating symptoms and can’t get the care and treatment they need, including surgery, due to long waiting times, and not being on the right pathway to care. Others are struggling to get a diagnosis, without which they can’t access the care they need. It takes a shocking 8 years on average to get a diagnosis of endometriosis in the UK.

We want everyone to have access to the right path to care. That’s why Endometriosis UK is calling for:

  • Access to the right care pathways for all those with endometriosis, including pathways for care for those with endometriosis outside the pelvis, such as thoracic endometriosis.
  • Pathways to ensure all those with, or suspected, endometriosis are always seen in hospital settings by a gynaecologist with specialist training and experience in endometriosis.
  • To ensure pathways and support for all aspects of endometriosis.

Thanks to the support of Endometriosis UK’s supporters, we are already seeing changes to improve pathways to care. In November 2022, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) announced that they would update three areas of their guideline on endometriosis diagnosis and management: diagnosis, surgical management, and surgical management where fertility is a priority.  NICE have also recognised the need for more research into pain management and mental wellbeing.

With your support, we can come together to drive real change for the endometriosis community and ensure everyone gets on the right path to care. Join us this Winter