Devon Support Group

Anais and Rebecca are the support group leaders and local contacts for the Devon Endometriosis UK group. 

Anais Story:   I was diagnosed with endometriosis early 2015 following 10 years of period problems and severe tummy pains. I had my first laparoscopy in May 2015 and have recently had my second. I have found endo debilitating at times, isolating and difficult to talk about. As the closest support group was 100 miles away, I wanted to create a safe space for people in Devon to be able to support each other - Anais.

Rebecca's Story: I was diagnosed about 5 years ago after over 13 years of suffering.  I came out of hospital with a one sided leaflet very briefly explaining what Endometriosis was and that was all I was told, no post surgery appointment or any explanation of what the condition was or what it would mean! So I had to do all my research myself and finding Endometriosis UKs website and attending the information day massively helped me with the condition.  I have since had another 2 surgeries and wanted to help other women find ways of coping with the condition.

About the Support Group: The group is for anyone who is experiencing or has had endometriosis or is supporting someone with it. It is to find others, get support and raise awareness of endometriosis. We want to empower people to be able to manage and be back in control of their lives. We will have informal meetings, speakers and we would also love to do the occasional social meet and fundraising events!

It is important to understand that you are not alone and support can make such a positive difference to people’s lives. We look forward to meeting you!

If you are interested in joining the Devon Support Group or finding out more information, fill out our local group enquiry form.

Please note: if you have not heard back from the support group since sending your enquiry and are interested in an upcoming meeting, do feel free to come along!


The next group meeting will be:

Date Location  Time Topic
TBA The Mansion, 36 Fore Street, Totnes, TQ9 5RP 7pm General support meeting