Stop treating periods like a dirty secret; teach Menstrual Wellbeing

We’ve been campaigning for menstrual wellbeing to be taught in schools across the UK – and thanks to you, we’re making progress.

For too long, young people have not been given the tools and the education they need to make informed choices about their health. The average diagnosis for endometriosis takes 7.5 years, meaning some children suffer with potentially debilitating symptoms for the majority of school life.

An understanding of what is and isn’t normal when it comes to our menstrual cycle is the first step to empowering women from a young age to seek help if it’s needed. Without learning about the menstrual cycle at school in a safe and controlled environment, menstrual conditions will continue to go unrecognised, marginalised and underdiagnosed.

And thanks to you - we're making progress. 

Campaign win! Thanks to your support, in February 2019 the Government announced that menstrual wellbeing will be included in the school curriculum for all primary and secondary schools in England. This means that all pupils – regardless of their gender – will be taught the facts about menstrual wellbeing. We would not have achieved this campaign without you. From signing our online petition to lobbying your MP, this huge change is down to your hard work. Thanks to you, the next generation of young people will learn more than the last.

Let's raise our voices again and get menstrual wellbeing in schools across the UK

But this is just for England, and we want this to be UK wide. We don't want to leave anyone in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland behind. In Wales, we recently responded to a review of the school curriculum and called for menstrual wellbeing to be included. Our petition has now closed, but you can still Sign our petition for Scotland.