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Campaigning in Wales

Endometriosis UK campaigns to raise awareness and drive change for the 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth living with endometriosis in Wales. We do this by working with local and national Government, healthcare professionals, people with endometriosis and their support networks, employers, the public, and the media. 

In 2021, we became part of a coalition of charities working to develop a Women's Health Plan for Wales. The plan took the form of a series of Quality Statements on Women's Health in Wales, which it is hoped will feed in to the Women's Health Plan being developed by the Welsh government. 

In late 2021 and early 2022 we were working with the Senedd Health and Social Care Committee on their consultation on the impact of waiting times in Wales. 

Information about endometriosis in Wales

  • It takes on average 9 years to diagnose endometriosis in Wales.
  • Wales has two fully accredited endometriosis specialist centres at University of Wales Hospital in Cardiff and the Singleton Hospital in Swansea and a new provisional centre at the Royal Gwent hospital in Newport; this often results in long waiting times for specialist care. The nearest endometriosis specialist centres for those in North Wales requiring specialist care are currently in England and while arrangements exist for cross-border referrals, they are sometimes hard to secure. This may change in the future as the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board in North Wales will include plans for endometriosis surgery in its next Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP).
  • Prior to Covid-19, 32% of patients in Wales were waiting more than 10 months for surgery. This is expected to be much higher following the outbreak of COVID-19
  • In 2018, the Welsh Government established an Endometriosis Task and Finish Group, which investigated the challenges faced by those with endometriosis in Wales. You can read the report produced by Group here

Menstrual wellbeing education in Wales

Since launching a petition in 2019, we have campaigned for the introduction of menstrual wellbeing education in schools across Wales.There have been numerous debates and motions brought forward by Assembly Members, and thanks to your efforts, the Minister has committed to menstrual wellbeing education being included within the Relationships and Sex Education component of the Curriculum.

In 2021, mandatory menstrual wellbeing education was included in new RSE (relationships and sexuality education) Code, which is part of the new Curriculum for Wales. In late 2021, the Welsh Senedd approved the new RSE Code, so now the focus will need to be on how menstrual wellbeing education is implemented and we stand ready to assist policy makers in Wales in any way we can with this. 

Read more about the campaign via BBC News and Wales online

Our menstrual wellbeing campaign has been led by Endometriosis UK and the Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales - with support from several other organisations including the Royal College of GPs, the Royal College of Obsetricians and Gynaecologists, and Plan International. A huge thank you to all the organisations who have pledged their support.

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