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Workplace Fundraising

Charity of the year:

Nominating us as your Charity of the Year is an opportunity to unite your staff behind an inspiring cause and really make a difference to the lives of the 1.5 Million women and those assigned female at birth with endometriosis in the UK.

We’ll work with you to ensure your team receive amazing dedicated support, with an exciting programme of fun events to keep staff motivated and engaged. We’ll support you with ideas, opportunities and materials.

Making Endometriosis UK your charity of the year not only helps to fund our vital support services but also highlights your commitment to tackling stigmas and breaking down the taboos around endometriosis and menstrual health in the workplace.

If you need any help with a nomination please email-

One-off fundraisers:

If you'd like to plan a fundraising activity at your workplace, we'd love to hear from you. Please email our friendly team at and we'll provide you with all the support and materials you need to make a your event a success.