For employers

Read an overview on the legal situation when it comes to managing someone with endometriosis at work: Endometriosis: law and best practice for employers


For employees

Hints and tips for employees on dealing with employers: Managing your endometriosis at work – hints and tips

Information on your rights as an employee: Endometriosis: A guide to rights at work


Personal Stories

Read how some have managed their endometriosis at work: Personal Stories 


Bespoke Training for Your Organisation

We can offer bespoke training sessions to suit your organisation’s needs. The aim of our training is to equip your teams with a broad knowledge of endometriosis, an understanding of how employees may be affected in the workplace, and how best to support staff. By providing excellent support for employees, you should receive increased productivity from staff and experience fewer absences from work.

Sessions can be tailored around your internal HR policies and procedures. Generally, our training sessions will be 2-3 hours however can be tailored to suit your organisation. Training will be a mix of presentations and interactive learning. Session will cover:

  • An introduction and overview of endometriosis
  • Issues affecting staff in the workplace
  • How to support staff with endometriosis
  • Possible reasonable adjustments to encourage productivity
  • Case studies from other organisations 

If you would like to find out more about our training sessions, please contact


We have a wealth of information on endometriosis on our website; you might find the information section a good place to start.

Work foundation report: More than “women’s issues’ – Women’s reproductive and gynaecological health at work

One treatment some have for endometriosis is being ‘put’ into a medical menopause. Whilst menopause is generally thought of as something that occurs in early 50’s, it can be experienced by younger women too. CIPD have developed guidance on managing the menopause at work: Let’s talk menopause

ACAS – advice and guidance on the right to request flexible working