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Visiting your doctor

You might visit your doctor if you have symptoms of endometriosis, are worried about painful, irregular periods or are concerned about infertility problems.

The common symptoms of endometriosis are similar to the common symptoms of many conditions, meaning diagnosis can take some time. Sharing as much information as possible during your first appointment will hopefully help speed up your diagnosis.

What will happen during my doctor’s appointment?

Your doctor is trained to deal with thousands of conditions, but will not specialise in endometriosis specifically. You can download our useful Pain & Symptoms Diary to help you remember relevant information.

Please bear in mind that your doctor may want to examine your abdomen, and possibly examine you internally, to help them with their diagnosis. If you are concerned about this, please let them know.

If the GP wants to refer you to a specialist, it is worth asking if they know of one that specialises in endometriosis in the area. If they don’t know, you could find out from the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy, who accredit centres for specialist care for endometriosis.

Please note: Endometriosis UK is unable to recommend any doctor or medical practitioner.

For more information download our resources

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