getting diagnosed

Melissa's story

Melissa was diagnosed with endometriosis when she was 18

Melissa experienced endometriosis symptoms from a very young age. Read more about her experience and her tips for getting diagnosed with endometriosis.

"My advice to young girls going through what I went through is simple – Don’t give up!"

Getting diagnosed

Women share their experiences of getting diagnosed with endometriosis.

Lauren's story

Lauren shares her story of how she was diagnosed with endometriosis

Lauren had been experiencing endometriosis symptoms for many years; however, it took a ruptured cyst in her ovary before she was diagnosed.

“Every step of this painful journey I’ve had to convince everyone how much pain I was in.”

Getting diagnosed with endometriosis

Getting diagnosed with endometriosis may take some time. The symptoms of endometriosis are very similar to other common conditions. It's important to share as much information with your doctor as possible. 

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