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These are the photos we've received so far! We still need more.

Take part and submit your own photo.

Your word, combined with powerful words from others will help show exactly how it feels to have endometriosis. 

Don't suffer in silence.


Endometriosis UK is dedicated to campaigning to ensure those with endometriosis get access to the right care at the right time.

Will you join us in fighting for a better future for people with endometriosis? 

Get involved

Get involved with Endometriosis UK and help continue to support those affected by endometriosis

Endometriosis devastates the lives of women and their families. We help them take back control. One in ten women endure unrelenting pain that affects every aspect of their lives each day. Endometriosis UK provide vital support services, reliable information and a community for those affected by endometriosis.

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