Introducing Alice - our Young Ambassador

Friday, January 31, 2014

We recently appointed Alice Smith as our Young Ambassador for Endometriosis UK.

Alice will be working with us this year to help raise awareness of our charity and the ways we provide support to women with the condition. One of the ways she will be spreading this message is through her blog. Alice will also be an important figure in helping Endometriosis UK raise awareness of the condition among young women and teenage girls, as well as what is 'normal' and what is not regarding discomfort during periods.

Alice is a young entrepreneur (Alice was a previous contestent on the Young Apprentice) with a strong volunteering background and will be well equipped to talk to the media about Endometriosis and helping to breakdown the taboo of talking about periods.

Alice appeared on BBC Radio Leicester at 9.40am on Saturday 1st February to talk about the upcoming Million Woman March for Endometriosis and her appointment as the Young Ambassador for Endometriosis UK. 

Listen to Alice's radio interview.

Read Alice's personal story and learn about her experience with endometriosis.