"I really want to raise the profile of the condition"

Thursday, June 04, 2015
Endometriosis UK Sheffield Support Group Leader

Meet Meg, our Sheffield Support Group Leader, who has been volunteering for Endometriosis UK for three years:

Why did you want to be a volunteer?

Because I wanted to meet other women with endo and share our experiences.

What is the most challenging part of your role as a Support Group Leader?

Keeping everything going and finding time to do so!

Have you faced any challenges during your volunteering role and can you tell us about them?

I have tried really hard to engage the local general practitioners with our work but I have so far failed to get any kind of message across. I really want to raise the profile of the condition and the charity to start tackling some of the problems with delayed diagnosis and variable quality of care. I would be satisfied even if I can just get doctors or nurses in primary care to recommend the group to women struggling with endo so that we could compliment NHS services that would be great but so far I haven't had any joy.

What you gaining from being a volunteer?

 I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet lots of women with endometriosis and I also get to work as part of the amazing team that is Endo UK. Volunteering helps me feel that I am helping people and giving something back to an organisation that has helped me a lot.