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Oxford Support Group

About the Support Group: Our support group will aim at providing up-to-date information, advances in available treatments and ongoing research, and support for all women with endometriosis. There will be both informal meetings that family and friends can also attend, and formal meetings when a speaker will be invited to give a presentation on a certain topic. We will also hold fundraising and public awareness activities.

Basingstoke Support Group

Emily and Franki are the Support Group Leaders for the Basingstoke Endometriosis UK group.

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Endometriosis UK local support group

Local support groups can offer much needed information and support for anyone affected by endometriosis. Starting a local support group in an area that does not have one, can give those whose lives are affected by endometriosis the chance to meet and talk with others who share and understand their situation.

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Our Support Network is here to offer those affected by endometriosis the support and information they need to understand the condition and take control.

Being diagnosed with endometriosis can be a daunting experience, but you don’t have to face it alone. You can call our helpline, join a local support group or join our online community.

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