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COVID-19 and endometriosis information hub

Endometriosis UK recognises that the COVID-19 pandemic is a source of significant worry and uncertainty for everyone. We also understand that if your medical care has been affected then this time may feel even more challenging for you.

This page contains latest information and resources available on COVID-19 and endometriosis. We have developed resources in collaboration with various healthcare practitioners, to both guide you with regards to some of the current recommendations on medical treatments and to offer some strategies for the management of some of the associated symptoms. 


Coronavirus and endometriosis

Medical and Self-Care Advice Guide

Pelvic Excercise Programme 

External Links and Resources

Webinars on endometriosis and COVID-19

Our Helpline and online forum HealthUnlocked also remain open should you need someone to talk to. We also run an online support group, and many of our support groups are now also holding virtual meetings. You can sign up to your local group's mailing list on their webpage to be kept up to date with their activities.

You can also view our blog that includes interviews with how others are coping here.

Endometriosis UK would like to thank the team at Oxford University Foundation Hospital's Trust and the Medical Advisory Panel Members for their commitment in producing the resources on this page at an already very busy time. 

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