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Ask your MP to back our campaign to improve endometriosis care

IMPORTANT UPDATE 7 November 2022: NICE have now agreed to update the guideline. More info here. Thanks to everyone who took part in our campaign; we couldn't have done it without your help! 

Please write to your MP to ask them to back our campaign on to improve endometriosis diagnosis and care

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Please write to your MP and ask them to help improve endometriosis care by signing the Early Day Motion (EDM) on updating the NICE Guideline on Endometriosis.

NICE is the public body responsible for developing guidance for doctors and other healthcare practitioners on matters of health and public health, as well as standards of care for healthcare providers like hospitals to follow.

NICE Guideline NG 73 on Endometriosis Diagnosis and Management is the national guidance on diagnosing, managing and treating endometriosis for all four UK nations. 

Endometriosis UK wants NICE to review and update Guideline NG73 in order to address gaps including:

  • Access to pain management - NICE recognises that endometriosis is a chronic pain condition
  • Endometriosis outside the pelvic area such as thoracic endometriosis
  • Mental health support - endometriosis can have a negative impact on mental health

Updating NICE Guideline NG73 is an opportunity to improve care and support for those with endometriosis. By asking your MP to sign the EDM on updating the NICE Guideline, we can show our campaign has the backing of the UK parliament and put pressure on NICE and the UK Government to make sure this happens.

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