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NICE agree to update endometriosis guideline

We are pleased that NICE have agreed to update the guideline on endometriosis diagnosis and management. Earlier on this year during Endometriosis Action Month (March 2022), we launched a campaign asking for the guideline to be updated. A big thank you to all who supported our campaign.

The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have said their review will cover three areas for improvement:

  • diagnosis including the use of imaging

  • surgical management

  • surgical management where fertility is a priority

NICE undertook a surveillance review that led to this decision and that review also highlighted gaps in research and evidence including recognising the need for more research into pain management, mental wellbeing, and endometriosis outside the pelvis such as thoracic endometriosis. It's good to see NICE's commitment to explore new - and much needed - research opportunities on these topics with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), the government research funding body.

This is a positive development and we look forward to working with NICE to improve care. However, the date for the review to commence has not been announced and we'll continue to push for that to start quickly.

We will also continue to campaign for change so everyone with endometriosis has a prompt diagnosis and high quality care, and funding for more research to improve care options.

Further details on NICE's decision can be found here.

Information on how NICE update guidelines can be found here

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