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World Childless Week 2023

Endometriosis UK is supporting World Childless Week 2023.

Endometriosis UK is supporting World Childless week this week (11 -17 September), a week to recognise and raise awareness those who are childless not by choice and no longer trying to have children. During this week and beyond, we want to raise awareness and raise the voices of those with endometriosis who are childless not by choice. While endometriosis does not necessarily cause infertility, there is an association with fertility issues, although the cause is not fully established.  

Throughout the week, we will be highlighting services and resources available and providing an update on our work to support those with endometriosis who are childless not by choice. We’ll be providing an overview of Government Health plans and updates from the last year, and we will continue to share experiences and raise awareness of how the community is impacted. 

We understand that this week may be a difficult for some. If you need to switch off from, or mute our posts on social media at this time to protect your wellbeing, we encourage you to do so. 

Support is available if you need it. If you need to speak to someone about your experience of endometriosis, please click here to access our support services. 
Fertility Network UK provides services for those experiencing childlessness. ⁠ 
For more information about this week visit the World Childless Week website. 

For support and information for baby loss, please visit:
Miscarriage Association:

Endometriosis UK supports World Childless Week 2023