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Women’s Health Strategy vision for England launched

Women’s Health Strategy vision for England – closing the gender health gap

Endometriosis UK is pleased to see the publication of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)’s Women's Health strategy vision document, which outlines the government’s intention to close the gender health gap and improve women’s health in England.

We are pleased that menstrual health and gynaecological conditions including endometriosis are recognised as one of the priority areas to be addressed in the future strategy. In our response to the Women’s Health Strategy consultation, we made it clear that it was vital any future strategy includes measures to reduce lengthy diagnosis times, improve care for those with endometriosis, as well as providing more support for healthcare professionals and increased funding for research.

We look forward to seeing more detail on how this Vision will be delivered when the full Women’s Health Strategy is published in Spring 2022. Endometriosis UK stands ready to work with the DHSC and other relevant stakeholders to contribute to developing ways to improve awareness, treatment and care for those with endometriosis.


Closing the gender health gap