Why I Walk for Endo

Your stories are key to helping us raise awareness of endometriosis and drive positive change for people living with the disease. They also help others affected by endometriosis know that they are not alone. We are keen to hear from a wide range of supporters, you don’t have to suffer from endometriosis yourself to tell us why you’re taking on the challenge.

Stories to send us:  

  • Send us your diagnosis stories – try to keep them short and tight as you can. We may have to trim them to fit caption limits on social media.
  • Send us your “Why I’m walking for endometriosis/I’m walking for endometriosis because…” stories.
  • Or you might want to talk about what Endometriosis UK means to you and why you’re walking to help raise vital funds for us to continue our work.
  • Tell friends or loved ones who will be taking part in Walk for Endo to share why they are walking with us
  • You can send your stories in as words with a picture, or a video (from 30 seconds up to a minute)
  • Include any social media handles you use so that we know who to tag!

We will do our very best to share all stories but it’s possible that we might not be able to share them all.

If you would like to get involved please send your stories to communications@endometriosis-uk.org using the subject line: Subject line: WFE personal story.

We look forward to hearing from you!