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Welsh Senedd Petitions Committee discusses endometriosis care

On Monday 7 February, 2022, the Senedd Petitions Committee discussed improving endometriosis care in Wales. This follows a petition1 signed by nearly 6,000 people, started by Beth Hales, a member of the Endometriosis UK Support Group in Cardiff. Well done Beth!

If you missed the debate, you can watch it here.

Petitions Committee MS discussed the concerns raised in the petition and recognised the impact that endometriosis can have on those with the condition and their families. In particular, it was noted that due to the pandemic, waiting times to see a gynaecologist in Wales have got longer and this can increase the time it takes to get a diagnosis of endometriosis2

Committee Chair Jack Sargeant MS informed the meeting that Beth Hales had written to the Minister for Social Justice to raise the matter of endometriosis care as not just a healthcare issue, but one of social justice. 

The Petitions Committee agreed to:

  • Write to the Minister for Health and Social Services to ask what is being done to address waiting times/backlog in gynaecology
  • Write to all Welsh Health Boards to ask what support they are providing to those with endometriosis
  • Write to the Minister for Social Justice to raise concerns around endometriosis care
  • To work with the Committee comms team to highlight the petition and the concerns it raises


1. Beth's petition highlighted among other things: lack of understanding of endometriosis, no cure for the condition, lengthy time to diagnosis, the impact on endometriosis on those with the condition and their families.

The petition asked for: improved funding for endometriosis care in Wales and for the recommendations of the 2018 Welsh Government Review on Endometriosis Care to be fully implemented. 

2. It takes on average 9 years to get a diagnosis of endometriosis in Wales (Endometriosis in the UK – Time for Change, Inquiry Report of APPG on Endometriosis, October 2020).