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Welsh Government Period Dignity Action Plan

The Welsh Government produced a Period Dignity Strategic Action Plan in October 2021. The plan's vision is for a Wales where periods are fully understood and normalised, any taboo and stigma surrounding them is challenged and everyone can access high quality period products. 

The plan was put out to public consultation and Endometriosis UK responded to the consultation expressing our support for the plan and its vision and noting:

  • That we are pleased that the plan addresses menstrual health and wellbeing and recognises the importance of knowing what is normal and what is not in relation to periods and the menstrual cycle
  • That the concept of period dignity in particular promoting a more supportive environment and better understanding of periods and menstrual health is helpful for those with endometriosis
  • The importance of implementing menstrual wellbeing education in all Welsh primary and secondary schools in order to meet the aim of a Wales where periods are fully understood and normalised

Endometriosis UK had also responded to a previous Welsh Government period dignity consultation which took place in early 2021.