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Tea for Endo at work

Many people face challenges in the workplace due to lack of knowledge or misunderstanding of endometriosis and other menstrual health conditions. We know that ending endometriosis starts by saying it, so a Tea for Endo is a great way to have your colleagues learn more about endometriosis, the ways it can affect people and how they might better support someone with endometriosis in the workplace.

How can I get my workplace involved?

  • Click here to sign up.
  • Set a date for your Tea for Endo and invite colleagues
  • Set up a Just Giving page to receive donations- there is an option to print handy QR codes to make it easier for your guests to donate. 
  • Print your Tea for Endo pack materials or order ready-made optional extras 
  • Buy or bake some tasty treats.
  • Host a drop-in Tea for Endo with a cake sale during your lunch break.
  • Grab a cuppa for your next few meetings and let them know about the Tea for Endo you're hosting.
  • Find out if your employer offers any match giving incentives and double your fundraising.
  • Include a link to your Just Giving page in your email signatures.

If you need any help or additional materials to make your Tea for Endo party a success, get in touch at and one of our friendly team members will be able to assist. 

This might be a great opportunity to tell your employer about the Endometriosis Friendly Employer Scheme and the benefits of pledging. Learn more here.