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Sandra's Story

Learn about Sandra’s experience with endometriosis and how she manages the condition.

“Meeting other women with endometriosis lessens the isolation that endometriosis can bring with it.”

Getting diagnosed

Women share their experiences of getting diagnosed with endometriosis.

Lauren's story

Lauren shares her story of how she was diagnosed with endometriosis

Lauren had been experiencing endometriosis symptoms for many years; however, it took a ruptured cyst in her ovary before she was diagnosed.

“Every step of this painful journey I’ve had to convince everyone how much pain I was in.”

Rhiannon's story

The Endometriosis UK Helpline desperately needs your support. Please donate today.


I’m Rhiannon. I’m 22 and I live in Wales. I’m waiting to be officially diagnosed with endometriosis after many years of pain and frustration.

Lyndsey's story

Lyndsey talks about how endometriosis has affected her life

Endometriosis has had a great impact on Lyndsey's life, find out how she is learning to manage the condition.

Dorette's story

Photo of endometriosis case study Dorette

Read about how how endometriosis has affected Dorette's everyday life and how she manages the condition.

"People mistakenly believe because you’ve had surgery, you should be fine now. I still have a lot of pain."

Living with endometriosis

Kirsty's story

Kirsty explains how endometriosis has affected her life and how she manages pain.
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Gloria's story

After having a miscarriage, Gloria was concerned that she would be unable to naturally conceive with endometriosis. 

 "Doctors told me that due to low hormone levels, it was unlikely that I would carry the baby full term."

Alice's story

Alice Smith is the Young Ambassador for Endometriosis UK and is helping us to raise awareness of endometriosis in young women. 

Learn how she faces living with the condition.

"I have nothing to lose by empowering myself to take control and never letting my endometriosis win".

Hayley's story

Read about how Hayley has dealt with having multiple surgery to treat her endometriosis.


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