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West Wales Support Group

About this group

Shwmae! Hello!

Welcome to the Endometriosis UK West Wales Support Group

Lead by Jenny, a fellow Endo Warrior, the group is here to give you support whether you are diagnosed, waiting for diagnoses or know someone who is.


Living with this condition in West Wales can be difficult, we are rural and vast, and with limited resources, care and support. It’s important that we can be here for each other, supporting each other and raising awareness.


We have a Facebook page that you are more than welcome to join! Share a little, share a lot, however you feel we are here (though keep to group rules)

There you can also find updates on campaigns and fundraisers, upcoming Endometriosis UK webinars and live sessions.

General Session Information

We are aiming to get online sessions running ASAP with a view to holding in-person sessions/coffee meets in the future!

The sessions will be themed, with a mix of general support and topics that seem to come up most, like nutrition, specialist and symptom management.


Upcoming Support group sessions

There are no upcoming sessions at this time. Please check back again.

Meet the Support Group Leader(s)


Picture of support group leader Jenny

I first went to my GP complaining of excruciating periods at 14, from then on life had been repeated visits to the GP and local family planning clinic, displaying horrible symptoms, with no answers, no idea how to really treat it, and just feeling alone. At 18 fell pregnant with my son, the pregnancy itself was a traumatic experience and towards the end I had been seriously ill, being otherwise healthy it came as a surprise to the doctors that it had gone this way, however I gave birth to a health baby boy at 19.

It wasn’t until I was around 20 that anyone mentioned the word ENDOMETRIOSIS to me, a locum GP who referred me back to the same Gynaecology department that at 17 told me I was ‘just one of those unfortunate women’. Sadly that locum left shortly after and the consultants I’d seen couldn’t explain it without mentioning weight gain or IBS. 

At 27 I managed to convince my consultant that after all this time I should be put on the waiting list for laparoscopic surgery. 

FINALLY at 29 I had my diagnosis of ENDOMETRIOSIS after adhesions were removed from my ovaries. 

During the 15 years that I went undiagnosed, I looked for support wherever I could, but living in West Wales, our access to adequate health care and support is limited. My nearest support group was Swansea and I didn’t feel as though it was accessible for me. I have followed Endometriosis-Uk’s social media pages through my journey and when the opportunity to volunteer and start my own support group in West Wales came up I had to get involved. 

I think it’s really important to have access to talk to someone who understands what you’re going through, especially in rural areas with limited access to facilities. I still have a long fight ahead of me but if I can help just one other person dealing with Endo, whilst making as much noise as possible to raise awareness along the way, then it will all be worth it!

Looking for medical advice?

Please be aware that our support service are unable to provide medical advice and can only talk about endometriosis based on their own experience. If you need medical advice, please contact your GP or endometriosis specialist.