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West Kent Group

About this group

Supportive and non-judgemental group allowing all to participate. 

Currently running online via Zoom due to pandemic but WATCH THIS SPACE! looking for face to face venues :-) 

Please find us on Facebook - West Kent Endometriosis UK Support Group for support and details of all the groups upcoming. 

Please message me with any queries 

Jen :-) 

General Session Information

Currently running the groups online via Zoom due to the pandemic - but exciting news - I am looking for venues for face to face groups soon :-)

Please add yourself to the group or find us on facebook - West Kent Endometriosis UK support Group for all the latest dates and times of groups.

Upcoming Support Group Sessions

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    General support meeting
    Place: Virtual via Zoom
    Topic: General support, Social, Online Meeting

Meet the Support Group Leader(s)

Picture of support group leader Jen


Hi everyone :-) 


I've had Endometriosis symptoms since aged 16 and received diagnoses of PCOS, IBS, told 'it's in your head, we couldn't find anything else'. Over the coming years I had many surgeries to remove ovarian cysts included a left sided oophorectomy. 

I was officially diagnosed with Endometriosis in September 2020 following an emergency laparoscopy of ovarian torsion.  The diagnosis was bitter sweet. 

I was booked in for Endometriosis excision surgery in July 2021 but this was abandoned after the surgeons made two incisions.  They were unable to get through the adhesions and the surgeons did not have the skills or instruments to pursue with the surgery. 

My husband and I found a private specialist who is BGSE accredited who ran further tests and I was also diagnosed with Adenomyosis.  I had a total hysterectomy in August 2021. 

Endometriosis and Adenomyosis have both taken a lot from me both physically and emotionally but it has also given me a lot.  It's given me a high pain threshold (which was helpful recently when I broke a tooth) but also wonderful friends who are non-judgemental and show so much kindness that has really helped keep going. 

I had approximately 19 years of feeling unheard and unrecognised for the symptoms I had which is many of the same things I hear from others waiting for diagnosis and even after diagnosis. 

Endometriosis is a big part of my life, checking in daily with how I am feeling physically and emotionally but aside from that I am nurse, a wife, a daughter and I have two wonderful nephews who are just incredible and mean the world to me. 

Finding justice for all of us with a diagnosis or under investigations for Endometriosis means a lot to me, so much so that I have completed my Support Group Leader training for Endometriosis UK.  I am really excited to be working towards being a part of this wonderful charity and helping all of us to live well and live happily with Endometriosis :-) 

Looking for medical advice?

Please be aware that our support service are unable to provide medical advice and can only talk about endometriosis based on their own experience. If you need medical advice, please contact your GP or endometriosis specialist.