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Wednesday 20th October 2021 7:15pm - 8:15pm General support meeting Online - please email westkentgroup@endometriosis-uk.org for more details General support, Social, Online Meeting

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My Story:

I  was diagnosed in 2014, I  have stage 4 endometriosis with bowel and bladder involvement so  I understand how living with the disease can impact every part of your life.  I started volunteering with Endometriosis this year because I want to provide support for those suffering from this disease and I  want to help improve the support available and bring people together so nobody has to suffer alone or in silence. 
I look forward to meeting you virtually and hopefully in person soon 
Nickie :) 


About the support group:

Due to the Covid -19 Pandemic we will be supporting people online at this time 

Please add yourself to the group for support and for infomation about meetings 

Any questions feel free to messege me