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My Story:

I set up Endo Borders in 2019 after realising there was no local support available.  A little about me, I suffered with unexplained pains for over 17 years with multiple misdiagnosis. I have always struggled with fatigue, headaches, painful bowel movements and unexplained pains.
Because I had been dismissed for many years by my GP I had assumed my symptoms were due to IBS or were all in my head. The only avenue left for me to take was my fertility. 
It was the only symptom I presented with that the doctors had to follow up. That's when answers began to happen. By this time I was 30 years old.  In 2017 I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis throughout different parts of my body.
Since my diagnosis it has become my passion to support and provide guidance to others.  I look forward to you joining our group and getting to know you better!  

About the support group:

We offer online and face to face support for anyone who has been affected by Endometriosis. This group is a place you can speak openly with other sufferers. We encourage supportive conversations in a non judgemental environment. We'll be listing our meet up dates and venues shortly. We look forward to meeting you soon!

General Session Information:

Tea and coffee is usually available and people sometimes bring snacks to share with others.