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West Sussex Support Group

About this group

Endometriosis can at times feel overwhelming. Our hope is that meeting other people going through similar experiences may help to reduce some negative feelings and replace them with support and understanding, and maybe even friendship.

The group meetings are a place where you can find support in a relaxed and friendly environment. We aim to provide a safe place for everyone to speak openly. If you don't wish to join in the discussions, preferring just to listen, then you're still more than welcome to attend.

General Session Information

Meetings are often held on the first Monday of every month; usually at the Ardington Hotel in Worthing, West Sussex. Spaces are limited so please get in touch to let us know if you aim to attend an upcoming session:

The group exists in order to provide support and to offer understanding to those with or affected by endometriosis. Whether you've just been diagnosed or have been living with the condition for years, whether you want to come as a one off or be a more regular attendee - all are welcome.

Upcoming Support group sessions

There are no upcoming sessions at this time. Please check back again.

Meet the Support Group Leader(s)


Picture of support group leader Naomi


Picture of support group leader Tracey

Looking for medical advice?

Please be aware that our support service are unable to provide medical advice and can only talk about endometriosis based on their own experience. If you need medical advice, please contact your GP or endometriosis specialist.