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My Story:

Hi, my name is Georgia and I am the Group Leader for the Merseyside Support Group. As I sit here writing this, I am recovering from my first laparoscopy- I'm telling you this so that you know this support is not only for women with Endometriosis, it's run by women with endometriosis.

I have suffered with endometriosis for approximately 6 years, first collapsing at work with bad cramping, with on and off pains, gradually getting worse to the point where 5 years later I was registered as 'disabled' by my workplace. 

So often when we are diagnosed, we are just told we have the condition, a word some have never heard before, and sent on our way to make so many big decisions about our future. I want to make sure that the women of Merseyside, and beyond, have access to the support networks they need as a result. This isn't just a bad period, this isn't something of nothing, a mountain of a molehill. This is a condition we have and sometimes involves daily battles.

Each and every woman I've met who has endometriosis are fighters, much stronger than they realise.

Join our group or follow our socials to see this support and fight in action.

About the support group:

The support group is a place where we can find information, support and understanding with women in similar situations. The group is here to provide a safe place for everyone to speak openly. We also hope to promote fundraising and awareness in the community.

I felt anxious about attending my first support group but found it very welcoming, positive and informative.  We hope to see you soon.

General Session Information:

There will be a mixture of speakers and informal groups.