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Tuesday 24th August 2021 6:30pm - 8:00pm A general support meeting Online - contact for details General support, Online Meeting

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My Story:

I was first diagnosed with endometriosis in 2013 after 7 years of being bounced around from GP to GP, neurologist to rheumatologist, all with no success. After my first laparoscopy, when endometriosis was found, I was told about the Staffordshire Support group. I started attending meetings and finally felt like there was a place where I didn't feel alone any longer. I managed to find my voice and the confidence that I felt I'd slowly lost since I started with symptoms at 14 years old.

I took over the group in 2017 as I wanted to make sure that everyone could continue to access that support that I had been so fortunate to have. It has been the most rewarding experience ever since!



About the support group:

We hope that the Staffordshire support group will be a place where those who have confirmed endometriosis, those who are just beginning their journey to diagnosis, friends, and family can find support and information about the condition we live with. We have a mixture of informal groups and chat, invited speakers, and sessions to promote fundraising and awareness too! There are all sorts of things to get involved in, packaged in a warm and supportive environment where people feel comfortable sharing their experiences and feelings. 

If you would like to come and join us, or find out more, do get in touch. You are not alone, and we look forward to meeting you!


General Session Information:

Meetings are held at Newcastle Community Fire Station, which has on-site carparking and easy access for bus routes as it is very close to Newcastle-Under-Lyme town centre.