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Seeing an endometriosis specialist

If your doctor thinks you have endometriosis, they will refer you to a endometriosis specialist. You should ask to be referred to an endometriosis specialist wherever possible.

It is important to get the most from your appointment. You can download our useful Consultation Questionnaire to help you remember relevant information that will be invaluable for this consultation. You may have to make some difficult decisions about treatment so it is important that you build a good relationship with your specialist and that you trust them. It is a two-way process and the better you can communicate with your specialist the better your care will be.

During the consultation write everything down to help you remember what has been said. It helps if you can take someone with you for emotional support. Ask that person to write everything down so that you can concentrate on what is being said.

Asking questions

You need to ask questions as well as listen to the specialist. Get everything clear in your mind, do some research on the internet or ring our Helpline (0808 808 2227) before the appointment. The questions you ask can include:

  • What do you think is causing the symptoms?
  • Will you want me to have a scan? What are you looking for?
  • Will you want me to have a laparoscopy?  What are you looking for?
  • Do you think my fertility is affected?
  • How can I control my symptoms?
  • What treatments do you suggest and why?
  • What if this treatment is unsuccessful?

If the specialist suggests surgery you may wish to ask the following questions:

  •   If you find endometriosis, will you treat it at the time?
  •   What complications could arise?
  •   Under what circumstances would you perform a laparotomy or remove organs?

If you have any concerns about the laparoscopy you should not be afraid to ask your doctor questions. You could also discuss any concerns at your pre-op appointment.

For more information download our resources

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