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Scottish Parliament debates Endometriosis motion (January 2022)

On Tuesday 11 January 2022, the Scottish Parliament debated a motion on endometriosis. This was a Member's Business debate secured by Rachael Hamilton, Conservative MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire and initiator of the motion (ref: S6M-01569).

The motion, which was signed by 33 MSPs (25 Conservative, 6 Labour, 1 SNP and 2 Liberal Democrats): 

  • Highlights the need to improve awareness on endometriosis
  • Notes the Scottish Government's commitment in the Women's Health Plan (WHP) to reduce diagnosis time for endometriosis in Scotland down to an average of 1 year by the end of the current parliamentary term
  • Asks the Scottish Government to present MSPs with a detailed plan and timeframe for acheiving the commitment on reducing diagnosis time

At the debate:

  • All MSPs welcomed the WHP and its commitments on endometriosis and expressed a strong desire to make sure that the plan delivers.
  • Several MSPs highlighted the need to introduce menstrual wellbeing education in all Scottish Schools. 
  • Several MSPs mentioned the need to improve public and health professional awareness of endometriosis.
  • Several MSPs commended the work of Endometriosis UK Support Groups in their area.

The Minister responsible for Women's Health, Maree Todd MSP responded on behalf of the Scottish Government and noted the following:

  • A new care pathway is being developed for pelvic pain/suspected endometriosis in line with NICE guidance.

  • The first meeting of the WHP Implementation Board will take place soon, an implementation plan is due in Spring, and a review of progress in September.

  • Collaboration is being strengthened between endometriosis specialist centres and health boards and also with the third sector.


There was also some media coverage of the debate:

MSPs debate endometriosis (Shetland Times)


If you missed the debate live, you can watch it here. 

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