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Priya's story

Priya shares her experience of living with endometriosis as an Asian woman and raising awareness to tackle taboos

“Endometriosis can be a very taboo topic. Not only do so many suffer silently due to what is seen as embarrassing from a social standpoint but I have also not come across many Asian women who talk about it. Asian families tend not to talk to their daughters about women's health and are usually raised not to talk about their monthly cycles to anyone, even in their own home. It is not considered an appropriate topic of conversation.

On my journey of trying to understand this affliction better, I have slowly begun to confide in those closest to me. If you are lucky, like I am, those closest to you will also shower you with unconditional love and support. In my attempt to reach out to others I have been blown away by the number of people so close to me who have silently been going through the same thing. 

My aim is to try and create enough awareness so that no-one dealing with Endometriosis will ever feel embarrassed to talk openly about what they are going through”.