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Press Release: Women's Health Wales Quality Statement

Endometriosis UK welcomes launch of Women's Health Wales Quality Statement 

Commenting on the launch of the Women's Health Wales Quality Statement, Emma Cox, CEO of Endometriosis UK, said:

“Endometriosis UK is pleased to have collaborated with other members of the Women’s Health Wales Coalition on this new Quality Statement. The Quality Statement includes recommendations on improving endometriosis care in Wales, such as addressing issues around funding for specialist care, and promoting better menstrual wellbeing such as through education and awareness. We hope the Welsh Government will take these and the coalition's other recommendations on board in their future Women's Health Plan."

“We urge the Welsh Government to deliver a plan to address the gender and sex-based health inequalities which exist in Wales. With a Women's Health Plan already published in Scotland, and Women's Health Strategy due imminently in England, we hope the Welsh Government can deliver this by the summer, as promised."



The Women's Health Wales Quality Statement can be found here.

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