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NHS England backlog funding must give fair share to gynaecology

Endometriosis UK responds to announcement in autumn 2021 UK government budget of additional £5.9bn for NHS in England

"We welcome the additional funding to support the NHS in England, including to tackle the pandemic backlog. We urge decision-makers in Government and NHS England to ensure gynaecology services receive their fair share of this funding."

"According to NHS England's own data, gynaecology has seen one of the largest increases in the care backlog1This includes those with endometriosis. We know from our own research and from speaking with the endometriosis community in England that many with the condition have had appointments and surgeries cancelled or postponed - a fifth have experienced delays of more than nine months and some have been waiting more than 18 months for a new appointment. This has left some suffering in chronic pain and unable to get support for debilitating symptoms which can have significant impact on all aspects of their daily lives."

 "We recognise that due to the complex nature of the backlog and the ongoing uncertainties around the pandemic, it is difficult to know whether the new funding announced today is sufficient. We ask Government to keep an open mind in relation to further additional funding to tackle the backlog, should that prove necessary."

 Emma Cox, CEO, Endometriosis UK

1 LCP “Women bear the brunt of indirect impacts of Covid-19 as new analysis shows gynaecology waiting lists have shot up by 60% in three years”, 4 July 2021