What is your priority for research into endometriosis?

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Endometriosis UK is delighted to be involved in an exciting project to identify the top ten research questions people in the UK and Ireland have about endometriosis

The James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership for Endometriosis wants to identify and prioritise uncertainties, or ‘unanswered research questions’, about endometriosis. This will help to ensure that those who fund health research are aware of what really matters to both women with endometriosis and health care providers.

We would encourage everyone to take part in an anonymous online survey that allows you to submit your top unanswered research questions.  We would like to hear from you if you are a woman who has/has had endometriosis, a carer/partner/child/friend/parent/employer of a woman who has endometriosis, or a medical doctor, nurse or professional allied to medicine with clinical experience of caring for women with endometriosis.

TO ACCESS THE SURVEY PLEASE CLICK HERE. This survey will remain live until 31 May 2016.

If you provide your email address when you complete the survey, you will be contacted again shortly after the survey has closed with a new list of specific questions (based on the most commonly submitted questions in the first survey). We hope that for this second stage you can help us by giving feedback to allow us to reach a final list of prioritised research uncertainties in endometriosis.  The "top 10 list" will be published in a scientific journal, and all questions suggested will be published on the James Lind Alliance (JLA) website. 

Please do pass these details on to anyone who may be interested in completing the survey, the more responses received the better.