Volunteers' Week: Magui - Helpliner

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Magui is a Helpline volunteer, facilitating one of our most popular services. As well as supporting those impacted by endometriosis, the staff at Endometriosis UK really appreciate her contributions to a number of "behind the scenes" projects.

Magui explains what drives her to volunteer with Endometriosis UK.

Endometriosis should be better known, since it affects 1 in 10 women and can have a massive impact on all aspects of women's lives (and the economy!). As an endometriosis sufferer, I have seen first hand the consequences of delayed diagnosis, little awareness, scarce support, and lack of information. Endometriosis UK is a small charity with a huge mission - I joined in as a volunteer to support women with endo and to help raise the profile of this complex condition.

I have been volunteering on the Helpline since January 2015 and enjoy giving the women who call the Helpline time to listen and pay attention to their worries and frustrations, as so many of them feel isolated, disregarded, and unheard. Being able to discuss alternatives, options, and choices with them is so important as often they don't feel they have any.

Sometimes I feel like I cannot help much, with situations that are complex and difficult in a variety of ways. Sometimes there is an emotional charge to the calls we receive at the Helpline and it can be disheartening to hear of women's struggles to get diagnosed or find a treatment that works for them. But ultimately I know that even a few minutes of my time to lend an empathetic ear to a stranger can make them feel better, less lonely. And that's totally worth it.

Volunteering is very rewarding and you meet some lovely people along the way! It can really give you a sense of contribution as you help not only women affected by the condition, but also their partners, families and even colleagues and friends. Raising the profile of endometriosis is such a worthwhile cause in and of itself for women's health, but helping support those affected by it is truly worth a few hours of your time each month.

It's really fulfilling to be part of a service that seeks to support and empower women to take charge of their health and improve their lives as a result.

You can find out when the Helpline is next open by checking out the Helpline pages.