The physical, mental and emotional effects of endometriosis are debilitating.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Abigail, 26, is the focus of today's Awareness Week case study. Her story outlines how endometriosis has had a devastating effect on every aspect of her life.  

I had never had regular periods, but this hadn’t really caused me any problems until my early twenties. I started what I thought was a period. As the days continued, my bleeding became heavier and heavier, until I finally reached the point where I couldn’t stand without assistance. I was admitted to hospital where I remained for two weeks. I was given every test they had multiple times but nothing showed up. I was having internal examinations multiple times a day but was eventually discharged without any answers I was prescribed morphine to try and control the pain. My symptoms included extreme heavy bleeding, excruciating pain, painful bowel movements and anaemia, to name a few.  

I had a laparoscopy which diagnosed my endometriosis along with multiple adhesions, the worst on my bowel.  

I then tried a number of different treatment options including the Mirena coil, Depo provera, variations of the contraceptive pill & Zoladex. While some people find relief by using these treatments, they did not work for me and I continued to bleed for years. 

I was referred to a specialist based in Manchester.  I underwent another laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. My endometriosis was deemed severe with adhesions. 

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for three years now with no luck. I have been advised that I don’t ovulate and so our chances to conceive are next to nothing. So now we have been referred to a fertility specialist to start on Clomid to try and encourage my body to ovulate.  

The physical, mental and emotional effects of endometriosis are debilitating. I cry often and some days I physically can’t get out of bed. It has no cure and, somedays, I feel there is nothing that I can do. Endometriosis affects my relationship, friendships, work life and family, but it is invisible to those around me.